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Harvard Health Publication’s authors enjoy sharing their information with audiences of all sizes and invite users to find the best fit for their audience by browsing potential Harvard speakers.

Children’s Health

From birth to grade school years, children need special attention to succeed. Harvard Health Publications has books that cover a range of conditions including ADHD and Autism, but we also cover more basic subjects like socialization, healthy eating, sleep strategies, and managing bad behaviors.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing is important to both physical and mental health. This category includes topics from meditation to grieving to managing stress to creativity. These books are all steeped in positive psychology to help you be emotionally healthy no matter what is going on in your busy life.

Mental Health

These books on OCD tendencies, adult ADHD, alcoholism, gambling, and drug addiction, will help you recognize potentially dangerous mental health issues and give you ways to resolve them.

Personal Health

Whether you want to lose weight, eliminate back pain, manage food allergies or headaches, these books that will give you viable solutions based on the newest scientific research.

Women’s Health

Women and men lose weight differently, age differently, have different reasons for losing sleep, etc. These books are all written specifically for female readers to address issues including weight loss, pregnancy, heart conditions, and to give them practical advice for healthy living.

Men’s Health

As they age, men tend to have different health problems than women. This category tackles issues like low testosterone, prostate problems, fitness, and nutrition.