Harvard Health Books

The Making of a Surgeon

Stanley Ashley MD and John Hanc

Ever wonder what it takes to be a surgeon? Step inside The Brigham and find out. Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital is not only one of the oldest and most prestigious medical centers in America; it’s also Harvard Medical School’s main teaching hospital. Here, many of the country’s best surgeons learn their live-saving skills.

In this gripping narrative, you’ll meet the young men and women in their surgical training; and follow in their footsteps through the hospital wards, the classroom and right into the operating rooms of The Brigham. You’ll learn how these residents are educated—and how that training has changed.

Co-authored by Dr. Stan Ashley, long-time director of surgical education at The Brigham, and Newsday writer John Hanc—author of two award-winning memoirs—this is a rare glimpse into a Harvard Medical School facility; and an inspiring and fascinating story about the young people who make the grade in one of the world’s toughest and most important professions.

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Publisher: RosettaBooks (December 17, 2012)
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