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Getting Your Child to Eat (Almost) Anything

Qian Yuan MD, PhD

Up to fifty percent of 18 to 24 month olds are described as picky eaters by their mothers. Many of these worried parents make a completely different meal at dinner time for their cuisine-discriminating kids. Do you ever wonder why your child won’t eat? This book will give you the tools you need to get your child’s diet back on track.

  • Tips on how to increase your child’s familiarity with and positive response to foods you want him/her to eat
  • How to recognize the influence (good or not so good) that your eating habits may have on your child
  • When to suspect that avoidance may be linked to a food sensitivity or allergy issue

Over control, restriction, pressure to eat, and a promise of rewards have a negative effect on a child’s food acceptance though they are often used with picky eaters. Our book brings the most recent research findings to you, along with surprising, simple and effective solutions to help your child enjoy food, get the nourishment needed—and eat almost anything.


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Publisher: RosettaBooks (December 17, 2012)
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