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March 13, 2011

Diego Parra Duque (Colombia)

For more than ten years I have been studying about creativity and how it can change human lives. Know about a friend who suffers from bipolar...

February 16, 2011

Are Creative People More Dishonest?

Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, writers, and scientists. Each of us depends on our creative faculties each day as we negotiate...

January 22, 2011

Duncan Long

I’ve been drawing and painting all my life; to some extent there’s emotional content to anything I create. However once in a while an...

December 27, 2010

John R. Sedivy

Nearly three years ago I left the comforts of corporate life to take the entrepreneurial leap. When I started Analytica it was merely an extension...

November 7, 2010

Steven Shragis

In 2006, I began a company which brings together the nation’s leading professors for a day of learning that covers a large range of topics. ...